Brands should be innovative and diverse when it comes to Gen Alpha

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December 11, 2019, 9:58 AM UTC

Generation Alpha, people born from 2010 onwards, have strong opinions on issues such as gender fluidity and the environment.

A Hotwire research points out that generation Alpha is the most racially and ethnically diverse group. They expect innovation and abundance of choices from brands. Despite their age, generation Alpha is influencing their parents’ purchasing decisions in areas including toys and treats, and even tech.

The Alpha kids are also underscoring their stance on some of the biggest issues like climate change and gender equality. The report found that 96% of Alpha kids considered “all people are treated fairly no matter what they look like” as one of the most important issues.

The author contends brands that used to run gender-specific ads should reconsider their marketing approach. However, brands should be careful of not deserting their older consumers when appealing to the generation Alpha.

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