Brands must include honest reviews on their site to provide an authentic experience

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December 11, 2019, 12:49 PM UTC

They must ask consumers how they prefer to view their content and notified about new products.

This piece states authentic marketing is an essential element for a sales strategy to attain a more loyal customer base. The author recommends brands to survey their existing customers to understand what they want and preview some of the situations that they’re experiencing currently.

When marketing a product or service, brands could mention its setbacks. This is more likely to show more brand authenticity than only focusing on the perks and benefits of the product. Brands must include reviews, in-depth case studies or testimonials to provide customers with a more assured and authentic experience.

Brands could partner with the right influencer who can try their product or service and offer their genuine opinion on social media. They can determine creative ways to promote the product to their followers and even reach a broader audience.

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