Marketers should use white spacing on their product pages to highlight CTAs and increase sales

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December 10, 2019, 2:12 PM UTC

White spacing is a cosmetic element that makes an essential part of the product page design.

Creating a well-designed product page with informative product copies and whitespaces can engage potential consumers and increase conversions. White spacing differentiates important product features and images, thereby guiding consumers towards targeted elements of the page, like CTAs.

This piece suggests brands should create mobile responsive product pages to make them accessible throughout different screen resolutions and reach wider audiences. Optimising product pages to be mobile responsive can create scalable and easy to navigate content to enhance user experience.

Marketers should craft unique product copies with meta description and descriptive headers to enhance the SEO of their product pages. The author suggests that brands should add images that show actual dimensions of the product, to build trust among their potential consumers.

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