Marketers need to leverage attribution models to understand conversions

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December 10, 2019, 6:45 AM UTC

Understanding in-depth analytics is a common challenge for many marketers.

This piece states that though marketers use several channels for marketing their products and services, they can fail to identify their best and worst-performing channels. Understanding attribution models can help businesses understand customer journeys and make most out of their resources.

Proper attribution allows marketers to perform in-depth analysis and use the right channel to reach their prospects. It enables brands to gauge the success of their marketing campaigns, look at the process of how a lead made initial contact with the content and what pushed them to make a purchase.

The author defines numerous marketing attribution models like first-touch attribution, last-touch attribution, linear attribution and position-based attribution, among others. Understanding each model can help marketers leverage the right channel to get a positive ROI.

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