Brands should use semantic research for better content optimisation

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December 10, 2019, 7:05 AM UTC

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This article argues that SEO traffic generation has become increasingly challenging due to organic competition and several comprehensive Google features, which dissuade users from clicking on third-party pages. Hence, the author recommends brands conduct keyword researches that drive content ideation, product development and competitive analysis.

Before creating content, marketers should use semantic research to understand the query context and “match their text to Google and its users’ expectations”. Brands should ensure they capture and optimise content for additional search placements like Google’s featured snippets, images, videos and carousels, which divert searchers’ attention from organic listings.

They should focus on technical steps such as smooth site performance, implementing structured markup and building backlinks. Lastly, marketers should adopt a reliable “search visibility monitoring routine” to stay abreast with traffic trends and performance.

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