Brands must highlight product details for an effective Instagram ad

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December 10, 2019, 12:27 PM GMT+0

Features such as material, colour and size are necessary information for consumers.

This author recommends ways for brands to write persuasive Instagram ads, captions and bios. Businesses should offer small discounts in the 5-10% range, which don’t reduce margins but generate more customers. After creating a discount code, they must include it the brand’s Instagram ad with a CTA.

Sending out an email to customers politely asking them to make a brief statement about their experience can act as a “Social Proof.” While showcasing the brand as trustworthy, it can also be leveraged in the Instagram ad to increase conversions.

Brands should also state out their unique value proposition for standing out from the crowd. Highlighting unique features, materials, or anything unusual about your business can help attract a customer’s attention.

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