TV performance KPIs must be consistent with campaign objectives

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December 09, 2019, 11:55 AM UTC

Real-time optimisation capabilities can be leveraged to provide insights.

This article states that TV attribution enables marketers to quantify TV’s impact through more granular data and gather actionable insights. However, to measure performance, a brand must determine the right KPIs based on the campaign objective, short-term and long-term consumer actions as awareness indicators and the feasibility of data sources to “operationalise an awareness-triggered action”.

Since TV attribution involves several metrics and methodologies, marketers should understand if their results are relative, absolute or open to interpretation. Attribution providers must simplify this analysis to ensure the right interpretation.

Marketers should set realistic expectations on activation from these attribution results. They must outline robust learning agendas, determine the right stakeholders and set accountable timelines and milestones. The industry should create consistent operational guidelines for facilitating credible and sustainable practices.

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