Marketers should use colloquial language to rank among semantic searches

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December 06, 2019, 1:20 PM UTC

Semantic search or latent search indexing (LSI) is how any search engine interprets the user intent behind a search query.

This piece recommends marketers should understand user intent while researching for keywords. They should understand what their audience is actually looking for. Moreover, with the rise of voice-search, marketers should optimise their SEO for long-form questions in a conversational manner.

Marketers should use natural and colloquial language to optimise their brand’s SEO for voice searches. This would also help brands to avoid keyword stuffing. Businesses should also consider answering commonly asked questions by consumers. But they should answer those questions succinctly and directly.

The author suggests businesses should work on building their credibility and authority to enhance rankings. Writing blog posts, being active on social channels and providing value to their audience can help brands build authority.

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