IAB’s new CCPA Compliance Framework will enable advertisers to demonstrate accountability

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December 06, 2019, 12:45 PM UTC

The new framework “Limited Service Provider Agreement” (LSPA) intends to simplify compliance for publishers and tech companies.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau released version 1.0 of the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework for publishers and technology companies involved in the programmatic ecosystem. While the technical specifications were released earlier, IAB released LSPA which binds supply chain partners to conduct that fulfils CCPA’s rules and requirements.

This piece explains that any company that engages or supports an RTB or Direct Transaction in the digital advertising industry is eligible to become a Signatory. But membership in IAB is not a predicate to participation or Signatory status.

With the clearer transparent consent system, participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate accountability. IAB’s Michael Hahn said that the new update would enable advertisers to show that they recognise the importance of privacy and data protection.

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