For “quick wins”, improve accessibility of key webpages to aid customers with disabilities

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December 05, 2019, 12:42 PM UTC

Write product descriptions which help visually-impaired shoppers make purchase decisions.

Brands often miss out on a huge segment of their target market because their websites aren’t designed and coded keeping accessibility in mind. According to a survey cited in the article, customers with disabilities will pay more money for the same product on a competitor’s website that offers better accessibility.

To make the most of the holiday shopping season, marketers should make it easy for such shoppers to receive help from agents via email, phone or chat. The author recommends running a test on highly-trafficked pages to instantly resolve problems like missing alt text on product images, poor colour contrast and more.

Marketers should ask third-party accessibility experts to audit their experiences to identify deficiencies. They should also adopt “inclusive design practices” across all their digital projects.

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