Marketers should capitalise on real-time insight sources like voice and visual this holiday season

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December 03, 2019, 5:08 PM UTC

Competition for these opportunities would be generally low, but they can help generate meaningful revenue.

This piece argues that brands should use a real-time information source to reflect the way consumers search. This will enable marketers to follow any explicit and implicit paths indicated by those searches. Brands should optimise for voice searches as it closely aligns with the practical application of real-time SEO.

Consumers would be asking their voice assistants for help with product and shopping questions during the holidays.  Brands can start with identifying all the top-of-funnel, awareness-generating question keywords and their search volume to optimise their voice searches.

Marketers should also capitalise on YouTube search behaviour data to reveal the real-time performance of their videos and their competitor’s videos for search trends. Brands can use these insights to amplify their campaigns.

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