Businesses should offer gift vouchers instead of discount coupons during this holiday season

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December 03, 2019, 10:16 AM UTC

Consumers can often be cynical about discount mark-up prices.

This piece argues that brands should offer gift coupons to their consumers for threshold cart value and not just pricing discounts. It is a matter of consumer psychology that some people will believe in brands’ discounts, while others are more sceptical about them.

Offering consumers gift coupons can not only save brands’ logistic charges but also make consumers feel appreciated and foster customer loyalty. Offering existing customers new products at near cost price for a limited period help in hitting sales and revenue targets.

The author suggests that brands should use holiday season hashtags in their content to drive traffic to their website. Using fresh images, instead of relying on stock photos, can help create more content and further drive popularity through hashtags.

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