Brand obsession with ‘unique’ tone of voice is leading to clichéd writing

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December 03, 2019, 4:48 PM UTC

‘Conversational’ copies should be limited to real people having real conversations.

This piece argues that while brands try to have a unique tone of voice, they eventually end up sounding like clones of each other. In an effort to be seen as open and honest, most businesses have started using “flowery, salesy or over-friendly language.”

With the increasing proliferation of targeted marketing and algorithm-driven personalisation, consumers are falling back on word of mouth for their purchasing decisions. A truly unique tone of voice often comes from company heads who put themselves at the forefront of their marketing.

Unless there are real people involved, like Elon Musk for Tesla, using a conversational TOV can also come across as insincere. Brands should restrict brand voice for marketing slogans and campaigns, and ensure consistency in their copies by using style guides.

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