Brands must create a target audience list based on individual customer interest

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November 29, 2019, 2:34 AM GMT+0

Creatives designed on this basis can have optimal impact.  

As the holiday season brings in big business for retailers, they must be mindful of relevance and timing in order to have a good last quarter of the year. Businesses must select one holiday where they can “stake a claim”, rather than try taking over every festival.

Brands must establish an emotional connection with their target audience. The author recommends developing a targeted audience list based on individual consumer interests and spending habits. This lets businesses craft creatives that engage a wide range of consumers.

Companies targeting Gen Z could create highly individualised experiences with a focus on mobile. However, Baby Boomers don’t shop at the same frequency as others. So, brands must build campaigns based on individual preferences capable of differentiating consumers of the same generation.

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