PR professionals must avoid unnecessary use of adjectives in press releases for trade publications

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November 28, 2019, 11:23 AM UTC

Writing short and snappy press releases is better than one with extraneous information.

The author suggests some tips that can let PR professionals master the art of writing press releases for trade publications. The releases aimed at trade publications must make their relevance clear. They must include the most important information at the top or even in the title to make it easy for an editor to understand its relevance.

PR experts must not lose sight of what’s important. They must ensure that the relevant information is not overshadowed by irrelevant information. A short and snappy press release is better than one with extraneous information.

However, cluttering the text with unnecessary adjectives is likely to reduce clarity and put the reader off. Technical and specialist information is conveyed most efficiently using simple and straightword language.

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