Brands must add voiceover to explainer videos for improved engagement

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November 28, 2019, 9:19 AM UTC

Such videos are particularly useful in conveying complex ideas and messages.

This article shares guidelines on how brands can build a solid video marketing campaign. Companies must come up with a strong concept to ensure that the video marketing efforts starts on the right note. Determining the target audience ultimately decides the style, tone and the content of the video.

Depending on the needs of a brand, explainer videos could be accompanied with a voiceover. This makes for engaging explainer videos. The author recommends writing a script wherein long sentences and unnecessary jargons are avoided.

At the end of the video, businesses must include a compelling message or call to action addressed to the audience. Phrases such as, “Learn more about our company”, “Got a question?”, “Reach out to us” can encourage audiences to take action.

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