Marketers should craft clear and concise emails acknowledging any faults to fix slip-ups

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November 21, 2019, 5:29 PM UTC

Creating an email template can help brands immediately rectify any offensive mistakes.

By creating an email template with ready-to-go content, brands can rectify mistakes like broken links, typos or incorrect information. Marketers should create email content for different occasions, product ranges and demographics to tackle any potential email marketing fails.

This article says that sending out corrective emails with clear subject lines and concise explanations can help brands minimise damage caused by inadvertent errors. Providing discount vouchers in lieu of an email slip-up can help marketers control brand damage.

The author contends that brands should deploy a checklist of images, links and distribution lists to ensure their email marketing campaigns have no error. Businesses can further create email marketing policy guidelines with step-by-step details for their employees in case of an email marketing failure.

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