Brands should analyse every single data point to identify fake influencer accounts

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November 21, 2019, 5:02 PM UTC

Evaluating the engagement rate of influencer accounts can help brands identify fraud.

While influencer marketing provides access to a “sophisticated consumer pool”, the rise of fraud followers has led brands to lose potential consumers and brand advocates. In order to combat fake followers, brands must analyse every single data point and look out for suspicious patterns in influencer accounts.

Scrutinising influencer engagement rates and performances can help brands compare their results to industry benchmarks and flag suspicious influencer accounts. This article says that evaluating follower growth on the influencers’ accounts further allows brands to identify fake influencer accounts.

The author contends that by employing a data-first multi-channel approach towards influencer accounts can help brands effectively evaluate audience integrity. Brands can also assess audience composition and growth rates to identify fake followers.

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