:30s ad format leads in share of digital video ad impressions in Q3 2019

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November 21, 2019, 10:21 AM UTC

Whereas 32% of digital video impressions correspond to the :15s ad format.

The quarterly edition of Extreme Reach’s Video Benchmark Report found that for Q3 2019, the :30s video ad format dominates the share of digital video ad impressions and it continues to trend upwards. This share has increased from being a third of all impressions served in Q1 2016 to about two-thirds in Q3 2019.

The study revealed that 32% of all digital video ad impression are of the :15s video ad format. The :06, :10, :60, :90 units make up less than 2% of all video ad impressions.

TV (CTV) devices rule the marketplace of digital video ad serving, followed by mobile. CTV has grown by 34% this time in 2018 and continues to grow steadily. This is followed by mobile.

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