Brands should understand how their advertising campaigns contribute to their marketing mix

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November 20, 2019, 4:26 PM UTC

Inadequate understanding of attribution models with misguided tactics doesn’t add incremental value or build brands.

This article states that misunderstanding of attribution models and employing wrong tactics in marketing campaigns can fail to provide any incremental value. While tracking conversions can lead to the source of sale, it can also lead brands into investing all their resources into last-click attribution.

The author contends that there is no perfect attribution model that can precisely discover the reason for a sale. However, marketers should create a holistic marketing strategy to target the right demographics instead of focusing on individual channels.

By selecting unique keywords and campaign types, businesses can track metrics beyond ad spend returns and focus on overall brand growth. Moreover, marketers should create authentic marketing campaigns that can add to the brand’s incremental value.

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