Snapchat launches YouTube-style extended unskippable ads

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November 19, 2019, 12:59 PM UTC

The ‘extended play commercials’ will enable brands to create longer video ads with an initial six-second non-skip portion.

Following YouTube’s lead, Snapchat launched ‘extended play commercials’, which it has been testing since May 2018. While YouTube runs the unskippable ad format typically in the pre-roll section, Snapchat ads will run in mid-roll in its premium Discover section.

This piece states that Snapchat’s ad format will offer flexibility to brands by enabling them to repurpose clippings from their other video ads. Brands like EE and Mars have already been trialling this ad format in the UK.

David Roter, vice-president of global agency partnerships at Snapchat, believes that the new ad format will allow brands to reach out to the younger demographic in the holiday season. Snapchat had also launched a dynamic ad format last month, which automatically creates ads from the product catalogue in real-time.

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