Create a brand pyramid to understand a business’ technical, functional and emotional benefits

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November 19, 2019, 8:58 AM UTC

Craft a simple tagline that guides the company’s vision across all communications.

This article states that for companies to stand out from the crowd, their customers should be able to connect with their brand. Marketers should start with a customer research to understand what their audience cares about, and why customers choose them over other brands.

They should make a brand pyramid that explains the technical, functional and emotional benefits of what their business offers its consumers. The technical benefits define the company’s offerings, functional answer what customers get on buying the given brand’s product, whereas emotional benefits express how the brand makes their consumers feel through their storytelling.

The author recommends crafting a simple tagline which resonates with the brand’s objectives. Brands should ensure all their messaging and content aligns with their mission and emotional benefit.

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