Only 9% of DCX executives have implemented personalisation tools

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November 18, 2019, 4:08 AM UTC

This figure is a drop from last year’s 14% where marketers saw results.

This article cites a study revealing that 79% of the surveyed digital customer experience (DCX) executives said that DCX was an “extremely” or “very high” priority for their organisation. However, 46% of them reported that they’re yet to invest in personalisation tools, or didn’t have a budget for the same.

The study indicated that 90% of the DCX executives said they lack insights that help understand the purpose behind their customers’ actions. 11% reported they understood their customer’s behaviour “well”, and 33% rated this understanding as “poor”.

59% listed analytics, insights and dashboarding as their organisation’s DCX investment priorities. For key challenges in creating and implementing effective DCX methods, 47% of respondents reported it was “siloed systems and fragmented customer data”, whereas 42% said “limited cross-department alignment and collaboration”.

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