Creatively repurposing Facebook Live video can help extend its benefits for marketers

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November 18, 2019, 1:24 AM UTC

Editing and uploading the video to other channels like YouTube and Vimeo can help reach out to new audiences.

This piece recommends brands should repurpose their Facebook live videos to create other forms of content for more significant impact. Editing, adding music and using showcards can help marketers recycle their live videos and reach new audiences.

Marketers should sample any exciting anecdotes or memorable lines from interviewee to create soundbites and upload them on Twitter, Instagram’s IGTV and other similar platforms. Creating quickly shareable soundbites can help marketers promote their video on platforms beyond Facebook.

The author suggests that brands seek out their live videos where the content is good, but the visuals are not necessary. Marketers can then remove the visuals from such content and repurpose them into a podcast to reach out on different channels.

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