Amazon’s AWS Data Exchange can facilitate use of data beyond advertising

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November 18, 2019, 3:32 AM UTC

Data companies rooted in marketing can branch into new verticals with the Exchange.

Amazon has launched the AWS Data Exchange service for its cloud customers to purchase and use third-party data in a new way. According to David Skinner at Acxiom (one of the launch partners), this service is a “marketplace for any data set for analytics”.

Since this isn’t user or household data, it isn’t strong enough for ad targeting. Matt Habiger, chief data scientist at TruFactor says that almost 90% of the data economy revolves around marketing, wherein data is used for ad campaigns and analytics.

Amazon could catalyse a shift towards other sectors like telecom, urban planning and more, where data is utilised outside advertising. Despite the presence of other data exchanges and cloud providers, AWS overrides in cloud infrastructure, reaching a long tail of businesses.

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