The “tyranny of short-termism” can damage the effectiveness of creativity

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November 15, 2019, 1:21 AM UTC

Brands and agencies should support inventive thought to generate better returns.

This article says that despite knowing how important creativity is for commercial success in the digital industry, there has been a surge in short-term thinking and objective-setting. The author opines that “short-termism” leads to overlooking and undermining creativity, which minimises innovation and breeds suspicion around the value of creative ideas.

Short-termism coupled with efficiency metrics create a deception of everything going as per plan without the need of any change. This comes at the expense of longer-term commercial objectives that contain brands within an “effectiveness death spiral”.

The shrinking time for reflection causes brands to offer efficiency and ease-of-use, which in reality is “dull, forgettable and indistinct from other brands”. Hence, agencies and brands must make a collective argument for investing in creativity to produce the “most profound ROI”.

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