Bringing experiential marketing to retail stores helps humanise a brand

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November 15, 2019, 2:19 AM UTC

Face-to-face interaction with customers can give brands a big competitive advantage.

Brick and mortar stores across the globe are beginning to get concerned about the future of offline retailers. Despite the “downturn” retail stores are facing, if they focus on curating unique brand experiences for their customers, it will be hard for e-commerce players to completely displace them.

Stores must look to provide value in the retail space. This can be done through experiential marketing to provide value before consumers make a payment. This helps build consumer trust.

In-store experiences such as, VR booth, a children’s ride or a pop-up shop can make the company stand out. And so, including experiential marketing in retail stores can humanise a brand and give them competitive advantage. Leverage face-to-face interactions by hosting meetups and conferences to further humanise a brand.

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