Drafting strategies for high-priority scenarios and risks can help brands prevent a crisis

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November 14, 2019, 10:38 AM UTC

Marketers should identify risks in advance and map them to reduce their impact.

Preparing ahead of time by drafting strategies for high-priority situations can help brands be prepared and possibly, avoid a crisis. Brands should monitor the internet, the company website and all the social channels for any potential issues that could affect their business.

Recognising and mapping potential risks allow brands to identify trigger points and communicate them with the concerned stakeholders. This article states setting up a “three-tiered scale” to define, and frame risks can further aid marketers to take appropriate measures for each crisis.

The author suggests that an escalation protocol can enable brands to appropriately identify and handle crises at both global and local scales. Marketers should keep the checklists, communication templates and contact information handy to handle a crisis tactfully.

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