Serve targeted content on devices beyond the television to reach Gen Z

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November 13, 2019, 6:33 AM UTC

Providing streamable content without unnecessary ads is an efficient way of tapping young audiences.

This article argues that traditional cable TV doesn’t appeal to Gen Z as they have grown up with technology and are accustomed to instant gratification. The author says that the younger generation is habituated to viewing on-demand content on smartphones, iPads and tablets which can be streamed from anywhere.

In the light of the “migration” from traditional media to on-demand streaming, media outlets who have become more agile and adapted to the viewers’ needs have thrived. Gen Z has been a catalyst for content providers shifting to specialised content streaming.

Not only is Gen Z ad-averse, it also prefers consuming content on-the-go, majorly through YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Hence, if content platforms want to succeed, they should create streamable and accessible mobile content.

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