Brands should factor in weather patterns while developing marketing strategies

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November 13, 2019, 5:09 PM UTC

Considering the effect of weather during the planning process can help marketers better understand consumer needs and behaviour.

This piece states that though changing weather patterns have a significant impact on brands’ marketing campaigns, most businesses don’t have a weather strategy. By understanding how weather can affect consumers behaviour, marketers can appropriately target them with the most relevant ads.

While almost all products sold in stores are affected by weather, the impact is more visible in sectors like seasonal clothing and restaurants. Players in the pharma and consumer packaged goods sectors are among the fastest-growing brand categories that are adapting weather strategies.

Head of revenue at IBM Watson Advertising, Jeremy Hlavacek, said that “all brands instinctively understand the importance of having a comprehensive weather strategy”. IBM has already launched “weather triggers for search” to help brands deploy weather campaigns.

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