Adding sensory details to stores positively impacts sales

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November 13, 2019, 2:48 AM UTC

75% of emotions generated daily are due to smell.

In an experiment conducted by Walnut Unlimited and Mood Media for a global sports retailer revealed that in the stores that were grass-scented, sales jumped by 28% when compared to unscented stores. The study also involved setting up mirrors in stores for the customer’s benefit of experiencing the products.

It was observed that sensory marketing boosted sales by 10%. In stores that housed sensory details, consumers bought more items and also chose higher-priced merchandise.

Such stores also saw that people “lingered” an extra six minutes as compared to the control group stores. Scoot Moore, global CMO of Mood Media stated that shoppers seemed uncomfortable when all the sensorial elements were removed from the stores. He added that shoppers don’t want to buy in an environment where they feel “self-conscious.”

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