Gathering feedback on qualities and services can help marketers glean effective testimonials

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November 12, 2019, 4:16 PM UTC

Brands should capitalise on testimonials that proactively address the queries of potential clients.

This piece recommends that brands should time their client testimonial requests in the immediate aftermath of project completion. Collecting effective testimonials from their clients after completion of a project can help marketers use feedback to improve their next project.

Asking specific questions in testimonials further allows marketers to pre-emptively address queries from potential clients. This article says that brands can also use the positive feedback they already have from their clients, with permission, to craft a testimonial.

Brands can also reach out to clients with whom they have good relationships to collect positive testimonials. The author suggests that marketers should ensure their testimonials are well presented with polished language, proper design and relevant details to make them credible.

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