To address gap in content, create a “hub” of interlinked content

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November 12, 2019, 2:45 AM UTC

This can be done by creating “thematic” site search result pages with additional “featured snippet” content.

The authors debate a hypothesis whether site search and SEO are “natural partners.” However, they are strategically and tactically separate, with only three “lightweight” links. The author expands on what these links are.

Google no longer shares information about the traffic that each keyword drives to a site. So, SEO agencies and SEO teams are now putting in data in a common reporting tool alongwith site search data to conduct keyword research.

If brands fail to provide users with relevant content resultant of fragmented strategies for SEO and site search or a gap in content, then brands must create a “hub” of interlinked content. Data and insights from paid, organic and site search could provide brands with ideas for new “self-serving” models.

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