4% to 6% of companies consider IoT critical to them

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November 11, 2019, 7:58 AM UTC

Enterprises are prioritising investments in data supply and IoT analytics in 2019.

This article cites Dresner Advisory Associates study which found that 59% of enterprises consider data science and machine learning important for their business in 2019. R&D and Marketing and Sales departments ascribe the highest levels of importance to Internet of Things (IoT), more than IT, executive management and finance functions.

The study states that IoT is the most valued in enterprises with 1,000 and more employees. IoT is considered critical by 4% to 6% of all organisations of varying sizes. For enterprises, IoT comprises of an integrated series of technologies in addition to investments in IoT analytics.

For 48% of enterprises, Cloud Business intelligence (BI) is crucial to their operations. The growing adoption of Cloud BI is driven by advanced visualisation, ad-hoc query, and personalised dashboards.

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