Marketers should expand the scope of their personalisation efforts beyond user segmentation

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November 07, 2019, 1:48 PM UTC

Brands should leverage real-time AI data AI to gain contextual information from their consumers.

To keep up with the constantly changing needs of consumers, brands should focus on achieving personalisation which goes beyond segmenting users. Real-time AI data can help marketers create accurate and nuanced “psychographic segmentations” and glean contextual information.

Having access to contextual data can help brands create highly personalised call-to-actions and product recommendations for the “hyper-specific personality types”. But, with the rising consumer concern around data misuse and privacy, it can be difficult for businesses to gather contextual data.

The author contends that by prioritising individual needs and sending relevant messages to consumers, marketers can gain their trust and glean contextual data. Brands can further gain consumer trust by enhancing the transparency of their navigation and communication process.

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