Create a customer advocacy model to tell the best customer stories

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November 07, 2019, 2:27 AM UTC

Peer-to-peer stories are a powerful marketing tool that can transcend competition.

This article states that customers are the best form of marketing due to the effectiveness of peer-to-peer stories. Though most companies rely on traditional marketing, the author opines that customers communicating a brand’s message in their own words is a great way to demonstrate the company’s value to potential consumers.

Hence, marketers must create “word-of-mouth outlets” which fit specific buyer journeys. The customer reference program is evolving into a “customer advocacy program”, which breaks the traditional case study method and explore narrative approaches such as multimedia, meetups and social media.

Customer advocacy can be created by segmenting the types of stories and asking customers open-ended questions to understand their feelings. Brands must cultivate a “library of customer advocacy stories” which a diverse audience can relate to.

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