Companies should invest in art and design to create content strategies for emerging industries

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November 06, 2019, 12:33 PM UTC

Narrating a story addressing familiar customer pain points allows marketers to connect with their consumers better.

To capture attention in emerging industries like AI healthcare, brands should make their content more accessible to both clients and consumers. Investing in content with a simple UI and minimalistic typography can help marketers address the challenges faced by emerging industries.

Companies should consider the emotions consumers feel while connecting with the brands and create relatable content acknowledging consumer pain points. Marketers should demonstrate how they can resolve the issues faced by consumers, via their product, rather than focusing on newer aspects of the product.

Creating educational content like instructional manuals or FAQ pages allows brands to answer questions about product use-cases. The author contends that marketers should invest in social media content and videos to spread awareness about their products.

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