Treat emails as “personalised dialogue” to deliver experiences

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November 05, 2019, 12:02 PM UTC

Businesses must avoid sending episodic emails to achieve short-term sales targets.

Email is an effective channel for building direct relationships with consumers, and to reach them with relevant experiences across channels. Customers now are more informed about how their data is being used for marketing purposes and are more conscious about engaging with brands.

With consumers engaging with brands across channels and devices, inconsistencies in the ecosystem exist leading to fragmented experiences. Businesses need to avoid sending episodic emails aimed at meeting short-term sales goals.

Marketers could do well to treating emails as “personalised dialogue” that brings together data, technology and creative to deliver experiences. They must focus on storytelling to generate intrigue and innovation to deliver the experience to the consumer. For this, recipient data, website analytics, purchase behaviour of the buyer and demographic profile is required.

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