Streaming platforms will adopt AI to make “hyper-personalised” recommendations

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November 05, 2019, 12:39 PM UTC

Decentralisation of content creation and consumption will drive streaming services away from cable bundle-like models.

This article states that as per trend-watchers, the streaming industry could go back to the traditional cable bundle model. Bundling could be a reality when the a la carte subscription costs become “unwieldy.”

Even then, most consumers won’t subscribe to every platform. And streaming services must also factor in the undercurrent of account-sharing and short-term subscriptions. The author opines that streaming platforms have disrupted the cable industry along with decentralising video content distribution.

However, while platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV+ are trying to “capture new audiences and fund innovations”, they lack expertise within specific categories. This will in turn “catalyse the next wave of decentralisation of more niche platforms”. Instead of bundles, AI and algorithms will be leveraged to make “hyper-personalised” recommendations.

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