Marketers should identify the appropriate social network to reach out to their target audience

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November 05, 2019, 5:02 PM UTC

Brands should market on all platforms to reach out to consumers who are outside their targeted demographics.

This piece notes that with younger generations using social media platforms to research about products, brands must reach out to them on their preferred platform. 51% of US respondents of a Hubspot poll said that they used Facebook to research products, followed by YouTube at 30%.

Though all social media platforms can lead to conversions, marketers should focus on platforms that already have high engagement rates. Promoting products on Facebook’s Marketplace can help marketers efficiently reach out to multiple demographics.

Using shoppable posts on Instagram can help marketers link their products to their Facebook listings. The author contends that brands can also use YouTube for marketing their content like how-to video tutorials to target their audiences.

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