Images shared on social media must reflect the brand’s personality

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November 04, 2019, 10:30 AM UTC

Businesses must use light, timing and composition in their photos to engage the audience.

This article states how brands can use photography to tell a brand’s story. Companies must identify their key purpose and personality to be able to stand out in the market. Telling an exceptional brand story requires being able to do so with intent and emotion to get the audience to respond.

A photo message must stay consistent to elicit and sustain audience trust, whether it’s being used for internal or external communication. To convey a brand’s personality, use light, timing and composition to tell a story from their viewpoint.

The photos that are shared on social media should reflect the company’s personality and appeal to the target audience. For example, consumer recognise Apple’s products through their high-quality visuals, well-lit images that feel fresh, young and relevant.

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