Marketers should craft their advertising language to fit the promotional channel

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October 30, 2019, 2:18 PM UTC

Charting out consumer journey can help brands serve relevant ads to their consumers.

To effectively communicate with consumers and serve them with relevant ads, brands should create bespoke messages for different digital communication channels. Marketers can connect to compatible consumers by aligning the advertising language to individual advertising mediums.

With 60% of millennials complaining about irrelevant ads, brands need to prevent serving advertisements that are inconsistent, uninformed and wasteful. Marketers should use marketing ecosystems to map out a consumer journey and accordingly serve relevant ads to their audiences.

Brands should avoid using the same information about their consumers to create ads on different platforms, as it may dilute the message. The author contends that marketers should “resolve identities” of their consumers and serve them with relevant ads on appropriate channels.

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