Create custom voices to maintain aural consistency across platforms

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October 30, 2019, 7:11 AM UTC

Without an audio design, brands will fail to connect consumers with sonic touchpoints.

This article states that the purpose of sonic branding is to maintain brand consistency “at every aural intersection” with consumers. The author recommends establishing a comprehensive sonic brand design which encompasses TV, radio, social, podcasts, web video, voice assistants, apps, experiential and third-party platforms.

Given the spike in voice-activated digital assistants and smart speakers, companies are focussing on apps and voice SEO. Those targeting consumers who converse with digital assistants should adopt a sonic strategy that unifies experiences where users talk and where they listen.

The author suggests creating custom voices instead of automated ones, enabling brands to stand out and maintain aural consistency across channels. They could also invest in the right sonic artists who understand how music and voice performance affects consumers’ reactions.

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