Consumers expect brands to be ethically responsible for technology and data

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October 29, 2019, 11:17 AM GMT+0

97% of consumers expect brands to use technology in an ethical manner.

A study by WE Communications Brands in Motion, found that an increasing number of consumers expect brands to act responsibly in regards to technology and data. Companies are expected to stand up for their values by taking a stance on global issues and be a positive influence.

While 97% of consumers expected brands to use technology ethically, they also reported that they would stop using a product if their data was misused. 54% of consumers also wanted brands to create products that are purposeful and support “activism”.

This piece says that companies should use this opportunity to reinforce their brand image and build loyalty among consumers. Brands should address issues like environmental problems on a global and local scale. The report surveyed approximately 80,000 consumers and B2B decision-makers globally.

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