86% of marketers to devote more of their budget towards data-driven personalisation

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October 29, 2019, 9:05 AM UTC

Website activity and transaction activity are the topmost marketing data types used towards personalisation efforts.

This article cites a study conducted by Ascend2 to understand how marketers use data-driven personalisation to enhance their marketing strategy. The study indicates that 64% of marketers aim to deliver better customer experience and 44% aim to increase visitor engagement through data-driven personalisation.

The study states that the aforementioned goals also top the list of challenges for 44% and 42% of marketers, respectively. In order to improve customer experience, marketers must gather sufficient data, streamline a process for its use, encourage self-service and develop a customer-centric culture.

Additionally, 25% of respondents report that the effectiveness of a data-driven personalisation strategy is increasing substantially. Further, 67% say that it has shown a marginal increase, indicating the efficacy of data-driven personalisation.

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