2020 to see a rise in closed social media experiences

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October 29, 2019, 11:44 AM UTC

But, the percentage of public social media time spend to go down.

This article makes predictions for the customer in 2020 that companies must be mindful of. This Forrester piece notes 2020 to be turning point with consumers, marketers and technology providers expected to be conscious of the human urge to cooperate with others for a “greater” purpose.

The desire to connect with others having a similar identity will drive consumers to make private social media groups around specific values. Closed social media experiences such as private Facebook groups or Marco Polo asynchronous video chats are expected to rise.

CMOs will recognise that customers want to be a part of service and not just be served. On one hand, consumer hopefulness can make them susceptible to manipulated reality and on another can make them receptive to emotionally uplifting brands.   

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