Leveraging traffic from other search engines insures brands against changes in Google’s algorithm

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October 28, 2019, 6:59 AM UTC

Having diverse sources of traffic ensures a wider brand reach and enhanced SEO.

To avoid the loss of traffic from Google’s algorithmic change, brands should invest their time and resources in multiple traffic sources, like search engines and video content. Factors like content, keyword density and user engagement among others can help marketers rank well on Bing.

Investing in video content like YouTube videos can provide marketers with a broader source of audiences and increase traffic. This article notes that commenting with meaningful content and branded URLs on high traffic and relatively niche sites can further help with self-promotion.

The author contends that brands can encourage user-generated content on review sites like Yelp to boost their expertise and build authoritativeness. Sending emails to leads secured from landing pages further advances the brand’s traffic sources.

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