Executive support is crucial for aligning sales and marketing teams

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October 28, 2019, 7:59 AM UTC

If the alignment isn’t supported by the brand’s executives, it won’t have “stickiness” and “longevity.”

This piece states that real alignment of sales and marketing teams does not happen at a “sales kick-off.” It happens through the processes and habits that bring together these teams on a daily basis.

If such an alignment doesn’t have the support of the organisation’s executives, it will fail to have the “stickiness” and “longevity” needed for it to be a part of the company’s environment. Executive support and prioritisation can mean increased velocity, greater efficiency and improved results.

It also helps in getting past initial failures and moving onto optimised and sustainable integrations.  The author recommends pointing out the declining results if marketing and sales group work separately to the executives to get them to support the alignment.

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