Brands can use personalised quizzes as their marketing tools to increase conversions

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October 25, 2019, 7:20 AM UTC

Using “skip logic” can help brands further improve engagement by asking relevant and personal questions.

This piece recommends marketers should host personalised quizzes to glean more leads and enhance conversion rates. Personalised quizzes are interactive and it allows businesses to learn more about their consumers while providing marketers with the opportunity to educate consumers about the brand.

Marketers can also use the “skip logic” to improve the users’ personalised experience by following up with questions relevant to the user’s previous answers. This feature motivates the respondent to stay engaged and respond honestly, while not wasting their time by asking irrelevant questions.

The author suggests that marketers can also offer personalised results like PDF report with tailored tips and advice based on the users’ answers. Personalised quizzes that include brand visual and designs can create consistency and help audiences easily recognise the brand.

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