Optimising website and product landing pages can improve Facebook holiday campaigns

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October 23, 2019, 1:43 PM UTC

Combining articles and videos with Facebook ads can help “warm-up” audience for the holiday season.

This article states that generating sales through seasonal and holiday ad campaigns is about finding and connecting with the right customers. The author recommends marketers should test various elements like images, videos and CTAs to ensure their websites are high-converting before boosting top-of-funnel traffic through Facebook campaigns.

Marketers should combine content with paid ads as users are more likely to interact with content compared to promotional product ads. Brands can also counter high ad costs by testing their audiences, creatives and ad copies.

The author suggests analysing the previous year’s data on seasonal and holiday ad campaigns to identify the peaks in traffic and revenue. Marketers should scale up Facebook campaigns by duplicating an already well-performing ad set or increasing a winning ad set’s budget.

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